On March 26th 2008 a discussion took place at the Faculty of technical engineering. The subject was "The improvement of production by application of new technologies with the goal to increase the competitive abilities of companies".

The motives for the discussion were:

  • Foundation of the Center
  • Information exchange with the goal to form a development strategy and     agenda
  • The Federal ministry of energy, minig and industry supported the     foundation of the Center
  • Suggestions: 10 seminars for the transfer and refreshment of knowledge

  • Prof. dr. Isak Karabegović and prof. dr. Milan Jurković exhibited a model for the improvement and transfer of knowledge through ten seminars which will be realized this year.

    News posted on 03.04.2008



    RIM 2007 took place on October 24th, 25th and 26th 2007. The organizers were the Association for robotics of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Faculty of technical engineering of the University of Bihać with the cooperation of the Economic chamber of the Federation of BiH, the Economic chamber of the Unsko-sanski canton and the sponsorship of the Government of the Federation of BiH, the Federal ministry of energy, mining and industry, the Municipality of Bihać, the Government of the Unsko-sanski canton and the Ministry of education, science and culture. RIM 2007 is the 6th International Scientific Conference about Production Engineering Development and Modernization of Production. 142 scinetific papers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries were presented.
    The main topics of the conference were:

  • The research and development of production systems and technologies in      mechanical engineering
  • The research and development of wood-industry production
  • The development of production in civil engineering
  • Modern techniques and technologies in textile and clothing industry
  • Technological and economical development
  • Sustainable development, environment protecion and quality systems

  • The conclusions and recommendations published in the daily letter „Dnevni Avaz“ can be viewed at the following link.

    News posted on 25.02.2008


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